Look good, feel good with H2O

Anunziata Laganis
Jun 07, 2024By Anunziata Laganis

When it comes to improving your health, drinking enough filtered water is a simple change you can make that pays big dividends.

More than 70% of the human body consists of water, and it plays a critical role in various bodily functions, including digestion, circulation, lubrication, temperature regulation, and waste removal. The kidneys, which are the blood's filtration system, can be affected by inadequate water intake, and will affect your general health. For example, the PSOA's is a muscle that has a relationship with the kidneys, which when weak, can contribute to a backache.

Healthdirect has created this brilliant pictoral showing us the benefits of staying adequately hydrated. 

Are you drinking enough water?

The amount of water that we need to drink varies from person to person with many factors to consider such as what you eat, your age, the weather and if you are excercising.  A general indicator that you are dehydrated is thirst. Also, consider the color of your urine. Light yellow usually indicates good hydration, while dark yellow suggests you need more water. Other indicators are headaches, dry skin and light headedness.   

Tips for Staying Hydrated

Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated:

* Carry a water bottle with you.
* Eat water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables.
* Drink a glass of water before and after exercise.

Water Quality Matters

The key is to not just drink more water, but to ensure it's high-quality, filtered water. This helps avoid the potential toxins and contaminants found in tap water, which can undermine the benefits of hydration.

Whilst, Australia is lucky to have established standards for safe drinking water, various contaminants can still find their way into our water sources. These contaminants may include bacteria, viruses, protozoa, heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals like fluoride (an industrial waste by-product). While some are relatively harmless, others can have short-term or long-term health consequences. 

Waters Co Australia says "if you don't filter your water, you become the filter." and I have to agree based on my experience with filters. When it's time to replace my filters, I can see how dirty they are with grime and dirt. 

3 budget friendly options for better H2O

Fortunately, we can access cleaner water no matter what our budget is. I always recommend starting when you can, as each change we make is a steppingstone to better health. 

For those on a budget, a Water filter jug can be a cost-effective option. Waterscoaustralia.com.au offers various solutions starting from 1.5 litre filter Jugs starting from $99, which includes 1 filter which lasts 90 days.

Waters Co Filter Jug, filter system

The website states that the filter offers 7 stages of filtration and re-mineralises and ionises ordinary tap water while filtering out up to 99% chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, chemicals and bacteria. This is a great option for single households. (Note: Brita filters are very popular, However, upon reviewing Brita's website, there appears to be no detailed specifications provided about the actual level of filtration performance their products achieve.)  

Another option, for those who prefer plastic free is a benchtop ceramic pot with a fluoride removal cartridge.  Village Pottery Company located in the mid-north coast of NSW they make 10 litre or 12 litre ceramic pots to order. This product is 100% made in Australia, with Australian sourced clay. The clay and glazes used are low tox and lead free. 

village pottery urn, filtered water, benchtop solution

At $349 it comes with a standard filter, or $409 if you prefer to also filter fluoride. The filters lasts 12 months or 2000 litres and filter 99% of contaminates that can be found in drinking water. (Note: When comparing ceramic pots, always ensure that the clay and glaze is non-toxic, some ceramic pots have been glazed with products that contain lead.)

 Another popular option is Zazen Alkaline Water, starting at $565 for its 12 litre BPA free water tank, they also have a glass bottom tank version for those who prefer to avoid plastics. This system offers a 10-stage filtration system, removes fluoride, the usual contaminants and also re-mineralises the water.    

filtered water zazen benchtop alkaline water

How can Kinesiology support your Hydration?

Each cell in our body has its own energetic field and water needs for optimal function. The Hydration Correction I use in my clinic can help identify and address Hydration imbalances at the cellular level. 

Beyond the cells, the Hydration Correction also looks at the energetic imbalances of key body systems involved in regulating hydration, like the kidneys, muscles, lymph glands, immune system, and organs. Imbalances in these systems can impact overall hydration.

Hydration imbalances goes beyond just the physical body and can also occur on a metaphysical level, affecting the chakras, light bodies, and meridian system. 

By taking a multidimensional approach - addressing the physical, emotional, and even metaphysical factors - the Hydration Correction aims to support your body's natural ability to restore balance and optimal hydration.


Making water a priority in your daily routine is one of the easiest and most effective steps you can take for better health. It's a simple change that can lead to significant improvements in how you look, feel, and function.


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